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In addition to software, Playmapping offers additional services to unburden providers of play and movement areas in the area of policy and management:

Budget determination

What is the investment value of the playground equipment and fall surfaces in the municipality (es)? What are the theoretical and actual replacement years per play device? Which budgets are needed in the next 10 years for replacement, maintenance and management?
If the above (financial) data are mapped, then a step can be taken towards formulating policy. Playmapping has developed a budget tool that maps the value of the playground equipment and fall surfaces by providing all appliance groups and fall grounds with standard amounts that represent a real investment value.

Policy & advice to play and move


We support providers of play and sports places in self-formulating policies. Thanks to Playmapping live data, these policy reports are no longer static, but it is easy to anticipate the latest insights into maintenance costs, risks and use of places. This makes it easy for providers to formulate multi-annual policies that support our software.


Playmapping is an excellent partner when formulating a relevant, efficient and powerful play and outdoor fitness policy. The outsourcing of policy issues to Playmapping consulting partners is attractive if you have no experience in formulating playground/outdoor fitness policies, when your company is understaffed or when there is a special project. Our experts have a background in pedagogy and urban planning and are experts in formulating play policy & mobility policy. In addition to the Playmapping insights, they also include the trends and developments in the market.

Benefits of working with Playmapping for policy and advice

  • Long term management of playground and outdoor fitness sites
  • Short and long term management/policy reports
  • Linkage with demographic and geographical data
  • Coupling with various IT systems
  • Smart sensoring
  • Understanding of usage: consumer data

Certified partner program

Especially for professionals and companies in the market, Playmapping offers a certified partner program per country. These Playmapping partners offer Playmapping to their customers. These customers use Playmapping for inspection, maintenance and management. Read more about the possibility to use the Playmapping certified partner program.

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