Playmapping akademi

Playmapping training academy

Playmapping training academy: an International training institute for inspectors and playground administrators

In spring 2014, the PlayMapping Academy in the Netherlands started training to anyone involved in the inspection, repair and management of play and sport facilities. Our academy is an International training institute for inspectors and playground administrators. At this moment, we provide training in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, with the possibility of examining the diplomacy recommended in the country. Academic teachers exchange play and outdoor fitness experiences and use the European NEN Standards (eg EN 1176) as a basis for the training.

Training overview

Repeat training inspectors of playgrounds (1 day)

This refresh day is intended for people who already have some experience in inspecting / controlling playgrounds but would like to be upgraded in the latest state of affairs regarding norms and regulations.

Preparation on examination fitting safety

The training of the PlayMapping Academy complies with the above 3 levels and is a good preparation for an accredited playground inspector exam. The training will be taught theoretically as well as practically, depending on the desired level of education.

Installation, management and maintenance

The training of the PlayMapping Academy also involves the construction, management and maintenance of playgrounds. The various materials used for both appliances and subsoil are discussed. Independent advice is given on which materials are useful.

Installation playground

The training will not only address the safety of play equipment and playgrounds. Attention is also paid to the importance of a challenging device which is pedagogically responsible. Safety is definitely important, but the child must be given the space to play in a way that contributes to healthy physical development. Because if we want total safety, we must accept that children will take maximum risks!

Natural playgrounds and the Dutch law ‘WAS’ (Warenwet Attractiebeslulit) (1 day)

Natural play is very popular but also raises many questions. What should a designer/manager take into account? In this day course all aspects of design, certification, management of natural playgrounds are discussed.


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