Why Playmapping?

Playmapping started in 2005 as a software tool for registering play and outdoor fitness sites. In the meanwhile, the system has been expanded with various new possibilities such as data enrichment, smart reporting, data predictions and smart sensoring. The comprehensive software is a by national governments acknowledged legally detectable logbook with pre-programmed safety standards and maintenance measures. This makes working with Playmapping a sensible choice when it comes to security. Playmapping offers not only a software tool but is also preferred partner on policy & advice for companies in the play and outdoor fitness branch. This includes various tools and resources to formulate powerful policy in the field of playing and outdoor fitness. For assistance with policy issues, we work with consulting partners. They are there for temporary support, for special projects or for new projects where companies or municipalities are not familiar with themselves. Playmapping is thus a total solution for the more efficient and purposeful setting up and management of outdoor spaces. In addition to software and consulting, Playmapping also offers its own training academy. Ideal when employing new employees, developing new disciplines, discovering new software opportunities, or being informed of the latest trends and developments in the market.

  • Software
  • Policy & advice
  • Training academy

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ Playmapping

Playmapping is for providers of play and movement places in the public space, including:

  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • Recreation
  • Childcare
  • Suppliers devices
  • Inspection / service companies

Playmapping also offers a solution to playground professionals with its certified partner program:

  • Suppliers of play and fitness equipment
  • Inspection agencies

How does the software work?

Experience it yourself, view the software demo to see a preview of the possibilities.

What are the costs?

Customers pay licensing costs per playground device / playground, which is paid pro rata for the use of Playmapping. Thanks to this fair licensing structure, Playmapping is accessible to everyone. Feel free to contact us for more information about suitable possibilities.

From whom is the data in Playmapping?

The licensee owns the data. Playmapping makes this available to its customers in various formats.

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