Certified partner

Certified partner program: Playmapping professional

The playmapping company offers a certified partner program per country for professional companies. These professional playground experts offer Playmapping to fit their customers playground inspection needs.

Inspection companies, passionated about safety

Inspection companies that use Playmapping are passionated about safety of the playgrounds they inspect for their customers. They provide the customer with online reporting tools from Playmapping with the Playmapping risk assessment matrix. Most of these companies also offer a wide service of maintenance packages on playgrounds that is also recorded in Playmapping.

Playmapping professional Playground Risk assessment

Playmapping professional Playground Risk assessment

Playmapping professional manufacturers

Manufacturers use Playmapping to record their install bases and hand these over to their customers. Manufacturers offer service packages in Playmapping that include inspection and maintenance contracts. Customers are also allowed and trained to do their own routine inspections in Playmapping. Manufacturers offer their product catalogue with technical drawings and safety certificates to the Playmapping library which enables the Playmapping inspector to find all necessary documentation in his inspection app during his field work.

If you are a playground inspection company or manufacturer and interested in our partner program please contact us.

Case studies

Housing corporation Copenhagen

For 1 of the biggest housing corporations in Copenhagen an annual safety inspection was made in Playmapping. Not only did they receive professional reporting regarding their inspection findings they also received all data to be imported into their total asset management software so the housing corporation can calculate with the economic value and long term budgets for their playground equipment.

Zoo Netherlands

Playmapping is used by the biggest Zoo in The Netherlands. Their playground equipment is used every day by on average 800 (!) children. The Zoo hires an external professional company to quarterly do the inspections in Playmapping but has also trained their own staff to do the daily visual inspections in the easy to used Playmapping app and so comply with the safety standards.

Child day care centre

A child daycare centre with over 450 locations with playgrounds uses Playmapping to manage all their playgrounds and generate reports to the 6 region managers. Per region they have 1 person taking care all all premises including the routine inspection in Playmapping. The Annual playground inspection is done by a professional company under the same Playmapping licence.

London Borough Housing and parcs

Several boroughs in London have purchased a Playmapping licence to manage all of their houding and parc playgrounds. They are obliged to tender out the inspections and in these tenders the professional inspection companies are obliged to work with the Playmapping data / software that the council provides to them. In this way the borough stays owner of the data / logbook and the inspection company can provide the inspection findings in the most efficient paperless way.

Schools Germany

150 schools of a big city in Germany are being inspected with the Playmapping software. After the inspection the city creates its own report in Playmapping and provide their craftsman with all the information needed to conduct maintenance jobs on the playgrounds. For comprehensive repairs they send out the reports to playground manufacturer or playground service companies. During the next inspection all repair jobs are being checked on quality and registered in Playmapping.

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